Our SEO And Media Approach

We are Vayner smart which extends Vayner Media Augusta’s full-service digital capabilities into the Internet of Things. We are a guide through the world of emerging technology, partnering with clients to understandprioritize, and develop the most effective marketing solutions.

Fueled by a network of strategic partnerships with best-in-class technology, we use the best out of socials like Facebook, Instagram, and even Chatbots for Facebook messenger but in an engaging way to benefit customers.

Also building the foundational elements like SEO for your website because we all know that the long game is organic traffic to hold firm when social platforms shift.

Our #1 goal is to provide the best value we can to our clients and we prove that time and time again, we are nothing without our customers so our main goal is to put you first.

Organic is free so why not make the best out of your website?




We understand that success is important to you and it is to us as well and we give the highest quality experience, but also the right promotional plan to ensure your audience discovers it whether through organic Google search or through a proper branding of your business.

That’s why we have invested in building the full range of getting our clients viewed to the audience that they need to grow capabilities.

What is interesting fear and excuses is that if they are reversed engineered to the root of where they come from then we find that it is from other perspectives and we understand that so we use that to improve our clients customers to see the true value of their company.

How We Use Social Media

There are a lot of companies or should I say people that say they do social media marketing like Facebook ads or things like that but the key that they often miss is the caring part and the proper way to understand what the customers want.

Often because they learned from an online course or some internet guru but the truth to it is, understanding what customers want is putting yourself in their shoes and caring about the value your company offers.

We have that understanding and run our company that way so the first thing we do is to add value by a “here is what we can do or here are our ideas” do they line up?


Reaching out through social media should not be a dry thing, it should be with meaning and with the customers best interest at heart. The end consumer is often 10x smarter than the companies selling the products so leading with value just makes everything all the better.


Why Do We Still Do Search Engine Optimation?

Well, the work that goes into getting the proper organic growth helps the companies when there is an issue with Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn which in all of them, I would have to say that LinkedIn. Even with that being said, using search engines like Google have always been the backbone of a business.

While other elements such as doing ads with other platforms do help gain new customers and get more eyes on your business, or website should be considered the foundation to hod strong when the social platforms shift.

We treat our website optimization seriously to the point of like we say, it being the foundational support to keep your company in front of potential customers. Not only having your website number 1 in a Google search but having it where it is user-friendly for anyone that visits it, consider it your online reputation.


Understand How Important Your Website Is

We are able to analyze your website to see if it’s built on a strong foundation – for example (but not limited to these points):

– Is the website built with the ability to navigate it correctly on computers AND cell phones alike?

– In every website, there are places “deep inside” that aren’t visible to your readers, but that typically contain information that is important to properly set up to ensure that when search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing) “see” it, that they know exactly what your site is about so that they can begin to recognize it when we begin to work on increasing its visibility. We work on this.

– We look at your content to ensure that it reads correctly, with the right “buzz words” (aka keywords), as well as the right quantity and quality of these terms. Or, we help build your content correctly if you don’t have it.




How Organic Searches Work

The reason we want to clarify what organic traffic is because so many companies these days are being convinced that they have to use pay per click or Facebook ads or some other means of getting visitors to your website or products and services.

These methods work but what happens is that you end up spending more money and reducing the ROI (return on investment) causing the price per customers to be higher and I know every business understands that.

On the counter side to that is organic traffic or organic outreach which is primarily done through Google search. Whether through having the number 1 spot on the local listing in the map pack where your company’s star rating is or through the natural national results.

The real win is to have your business in the map pack and in the standard listing to get twice to views and stand out from the crowd.

Just imagine that you are a customer and you see a business in two different places on page one of Google then see that company’s star rating, 9 times out of 10 thing triggers a switch inside of us to see what they are about which gets your attention more than their competition.

I am sure you have seen this in the times you have used Google researching something or even if you haven’t then just remember this and I am sure you will start to see it.

This is what we do for our clients and then if they still want more out of this method then we add in pay per click and this gives the third point on page 1 so your company would have 3 spots on that search giving you three times more reach than anyone else.


So What About Pay Per Click  or PPC

Using Google ad words is very effective to get immediate traffic in the meantime while the work is done to get the organic searches working in your direction. At least the way we use it if the client wants this, the reason we recommend this is because you get right in front of your customer right now without a wait but you have to be fair to what your business is about before using this method.

We say this because if you have a low-profit-margin for the product or service you offer then using PPC could highly reduce your profit because the cost per click is based on the search engine’s value for that keyword or phrase.

Either way, this is an option for any business but again, be fair to yourself and ask “What is the benefit?” and “What is the Risk?” Does one outweigh the other one


Ranking Your Business Google Map Pack

This is one of our most favorite things to do for our clients in their local area, this allows your website and business to be in front of any organic search because it falls in the topical search from the user.

This shows your business with a star rating from calculating any online reviews that your business may have which is cool because if a reader sees 5 stars or close to that then generally we have trigger point to view this because others have given a quality rating to the business.

The Google map pack is generally above all other searches and is based upon the business rating and the location to the person doing the search but is not isolated to just those two features, those are just to two main influencers of this.

Of course, natural keyword search data applies as well.


How Can Social Media Help Your Business

The use of social media is not just for the social influence that you get from shares and likes but does actually help brand the business better according to Google. The more social platforms that your company has then and is linked to your website along with having the same topical material then it just makes a search engine realize exactly what your business is about which helps brand you.

Meaning, this not only helps the individuals on that social platform to see you and know but allows drives Google to see that your business is serious about the product or service which you have.